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How to treat insomnia?

To cure insomnia, make your bedroom or sleeping area as pleasant and peaceful as possible. To make your whole body tune to sleep, the bedroom should be dark. It is very important to follow a relaxing ritual in the evening to set your body to sleep. Do not go to bed hungry. But do not eat right before going to bed, as this can lead to a surge of energy (for example, raising the sugar level)

How to treat anxiety?

An important point in therapy is a careful analysis of situations in which panic attacks and anxiety attacks occur. Recreating these episodes (exposure) is better combined with the development of ways to overcome somatic disorders. For example, often troubling dizziness, a feeling of lack of air due to too frequent breathing and the resulting hyperventilation

Causes of



Uncomfortable or unusual sleeping conditions, eating foods, drinks and drugs that stimulate nervous activity, changes in lifestyle, stressful situations, taking certain medications, circadian, diurnal rhythm disorders, depressive conditions.



Genetic predisposition, improper education, stay in childhood in an unfavorable environment, peculiarities of the functioning of the nervous system, temperament, personality characteristics of the patient, stress, chronic physical illness



Genetic predisposition, heredity, endocrine disorders, external psychotraumatic situations, severe emotional stress. The causes of depression in women can also be associated with hormonal disorders

Myths and facts

Some myths and facts about insomnia and anxiety disorders:


Myth: alcohol helps you sleep better

Fact: alcohol will make your sleep restless, the body will not be able to fully relax, and wake up you are broken and with a heavy head. So use alcohol before bedtime is not recommended, and use it as a sleeping pill is not at all contraindicated.

Fact: physical activity helps to sleep better

Regular physical activity can help improve the quality of sleep for many reasons, and generally have a beneficial effect on both physical and psychological health.


Myth: the lack of sleep can be compensated

If you think that you can not get enough sleep all week, and then catch up, having slept all weekend, you are mistaken. Lack of sleep is not compensated by a longer sleep on next day.

Fact: you can train yourself to fall asleep

if you regularly read or take a bath before going to bed, the body will eventually learn to perceive these actions as a signal to the fact that soon it will be a rest time.


Myth: panic attacks will remain with you until the end of life

The sooner you go to the doctor, the faster you can cope with the panic. Currently, there are two methods of treatment: medical and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Fact: anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that in the UK about 8.4 million British suffer from an anxiety disorder.


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