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Alprazolam (Xanax) is a drug, an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety agent), a medium-term benzodiazepine derivative that is used to treat anxiety disorders, panic attacks. Alprazolam is close to triazolam by its chemical structure, differs from the absence of the Cl atom at phenyl at position 6. Alprazolam has less pronounced hypnotic effect. It is used mainly for short-term withdrawal of feelings of anxiety, fear, anxiety. You can buy xanax online UK without prescription in our online pharmacy.

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The drug has a mild hypnotic effect, in particular, facilitates falling asleep, increases the duration of sleep, and also leads to a decrease in the number of nocturnal awakenings. The mechanism of hypnotism of alprazolam is based on its ability to depress the cells of the reticular formation in the brainstem, and also to reduce the effects of vegetative, motor and emotional stimuli that negatively affect the process of falling asleep. When taking Alprazolam in patients, the symptoms of anxiety and fear decrease, as well as a decrease in emotional tension. Alprazolam has practically no effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory system in healthy patients.


Alprazolam is used to treat patients with neurotic and neurosis-like disorders, which are accompanied by a sense of anxiety and anxiety. Alprazolam may be prescribed to patients with reactive depressive conditions, including those developed against a background of somatic diseases. Alprazolam can be used to treat patients with panic disorders, insomnia and withdrawal syndrome (including alcohol and narcotic withdrawal syndrome).


Alprazolam is not prescribed to patients who have a history of hypersensitivity reactions to the active or additional components of the drug. Alprazolam tablets are not prescribed for patients with lactose intolerance. Alprazolam is not used for the therapy of patients with respiratory failure, expressed renal and hepatic impairment, myasthenia gravis, acute attack of glaucoma, and acute alcohol poisoning, psychotropic, narcotic or hypnotic drugs.

Dosing and Administration

Alprazolam is intended for oral administration. The drug Alprazolam is taken regardless of food intake. As a rule, it is recommended to divide the daily dose by 2-3 doses. The duration of therapy and doses of alprazolam are determined individually. When choosing a dose, you should carefully monitor the patient's condition, tolerability of alprazolam and, taking into account the effect achieved, adjust the dose. Adults with panic disorders and depressive states are usually prescribed alprazolam at an initial dose of 0.1-0.2 mg twice or thrice a day. If necessary, 1-2 weeks after the start of therapy, the dose of alprazolam is gradually increased (it is recommended to start increasing the dose from the evening reception, after which increase the morning dose). The recommended therapeutic dose is 3-6 mg of alprazolam per day.

Side effects

Mostly, at the beginning of therapy with Alprazolam, patients may develop increased fatigue, drowsiness, attention deficit, dizziness, development of drug dependence, and slowing down of psychomotor reactions. The risk of these side effects is higher in elderly patients. Regardless of the age and duration of treatment with alprazolam, patients may develop side effects due to the drug: On the part of the nervous system: limb tremor, depression, insomnia, headache, memory and movement coordination disorders, confusion. In addition, it is possible to develop speech disorders, outbreaks of aggression, hallucinations and anxiety.


Combined use of alprazolam with antidepressants in patients with endogenous depression is acceptable. There is a mutual enhancement of the effect with the simultaneous use of alprazolam with neuroleptic drugs, hypnotics and anticonvulsants, narcotic analgesics, ethyl alcohol and central muscle relaxants.


Description of the drug "Alprazolam" on this page is a simplified and augmented version of the official instructions for use. Before purchasing or using the drug, you should consult with your doctor and read the annotation approved by the manufacturer.

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